Blake Fraina (blake_fraina) wrote in tommaso,
Blake Fraina

SANDEL by Angus Stewart

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Looking to see if anyone here knows of (or, better still, knows how to get hold of) the book SANDEL by Angus Stewart. [see Amazon link]

I found this on someone's Listmania list. She described it as a non-explicit story of boy love that is impossible to get hold of. On Amazon, the least expensive second hand copy is $316. Based on the customer reviews, it appears to be about a nineteen year old boy, David, who falls in love with a thirteen year old choir boy. It seems to take place in a boarding school - I presume it's British. It was published in 1969 and the consensus among reviewers is that it went out of print, despite being beautifully written, due to the controversial subject matter. Have any of you read this book?
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