colleen lindsay (lagringa) wrote in tommaso,
colleen lindsay

Queer represents in book publishing!

She's hot, she's queer, she can wrestle a futon into submission, and she is one hell of an editor. (If you like science fiction & fantasy, all the better!)

Okay, this is an absolutely shameless ploy to get YOU, the fine and queer readers of this here LiveJournal, to help ME get my awesome friend Liz Scheier voted on as the Hottest Hottie in Publishing.

Why should you do this?

'Cos I said so. 'Cos she's ridiculously hot. 'Cos she's hilarious. 'Cos she is an amazing friend. 'Cos she plays skeeball and Scrabble like she means it. 'Cos she makes a pretty mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

'Cos she puts paid to the notion that the rest of the world has that SF/F folks are all strange, smelly, unsocialized creatures who live in their parents' basements.

'Cos she is openly queer and sets an awesome example for other young queer chicks.

And most importantly?


Go vote NOWWWWWWW!!!
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