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Only kidding, but I've always wanted to write that heading. I think it's the definitive internet title.

Been a long time since I've been in here. I've been feng shui-ing (not a comfortable word, that) all my various blogs, web sites etc, clearing them out in preparation for Volume 2 of my book, DANNY, coming out.

Partly in honour of the occasion, partly as it's the festive celebration of Halloween, but mostly because it is Danny - our hero's - birthday today, Poison Pixie is offering, for a limited time only, a great big fat FREE excerpt, 295 pages long, from DANNY Volume 1.

That's the first third of the book and longer than some authors' full-length works. It is also longer than the first (1998?) Citron edition of the book.

The downside is I am more or less on borrowed time here. Unless it proves its worth as a marketing tool to encourage new readers it's coming right back off again.

So run. Run now. Get it quick, while it's still legal.

Go over to the temporary website (I apologise for the lack of juicy substance on here – Mr Scratchmann is working on it even as we speak) and download your free mini-version of DANNY right HERE. Turn off your doorbell and settle down for a good Halloween read. Maybe by candlelight.

If, after you read it, you have no urge to find out what happens next that's fine. You must seek enlightenment elsewhere. But if you get hooked (and it gets a whole lot more addictive and warped in the other two-thirds) then tootle off back to Poison Pixie where you can treat yourself to a copy and read the rest of it.

Here's hoping I can drag you over to the dark side

Have a lovely Halloween. Speak to you all later.

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