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'I could as easily forget your name as the food by which I live;
nay, it would be easier to forget the food, which only nourishes
my body, than your name, which nourishes both body and soul.'

- Michelangelo (in a letter to Tommaso Cavalieri), July 28th, 1533

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'Tommaso' is a community for the discussion of queer literature. You are welcome to join if you are eager to find reading material with GLBTQ (gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans/queer) themes, or wish to post your own reviews of published books and/or discussions based on said books.

If alternative sexual and/or gender orientations offend you, you are advised not to join this group.

Only members are allowed to post.


- No flaming.

- No poorly written reviews (of books, or people's arguments). For example, do not just say: 'That book sucked', or 'This novel was really worth reading'. Please make comments that can be used by others to gain some insight into what you're talking about. The following review fulfills the minimum requirements:

/start review/

'Kiss Of The Spider-Woman' by Manuel Puig
Two men in a Spanish jail: one a machismo revolutionary, the other an effeminate moviegoer (in jail for 'homosexually corrupting' a minor). This odd and star-crossed pair form the centre of one hell of a heart-rending, suspenseful and thought-provoking novel. Certainly one of the most unconventional, in structure and content.

/end review/

Feel free to provide links to relevant online material. ALL reviews must mention the following: NAME OF BOOK, NAME OF AUTHOR(S), SUMMARY (what it's about), and REVIEW (what you think of it).

- All discussions must be on-topic. Topics permitted are: queer literature (fiction, nonfiction, poetry and plays), criticism of queer-themed literature, discussion of issues arising from queer literature and how said issues relate to life (aesthetically, socially, personally, politically).

Basically: as long as it's about queer lit, anything goes.

- Any posts that are found to be violating the above rules will simply be deleted, and the user warned.

Further information...

- The address of this community is: tommaso. To join, go here. To view our profile, go here.

- Any and all queries are to be sent to switchknife, at switchknife[at]alexandria.cc.

- Buckle up, then, and enjoy!

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